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Basic Info

hello, my name is tehara. im 13, infp-t, sensitive and very much an overthinking baby.
my family is sri lankan and so am I, but I was born and raised in Bangladesh dhaka which is also where I currently live.

i like kpop, my favorites being got7, stray kids, bts, nct, enhypen and txt, anime, I like my hero academia, haikyuu!!, jujutsu kaisen, studios ghibli movies(and a couple others), all things related to marvel, and I also really love art and art history.
I'm looking for a penpal who is close to my age and is quick at replying👀😌
also English is my main language but it doesn't really matter what country you're from!

my personal Instagram is: tehara.the.silly.pig
my penpal Instagram is: penpaltehara
my wattpad: simp_for_asahi

Bengali; Bangla English Sinhala, Sinhalese
Artwork Astrology Arts
Board games Book collecting Calligraphy Cartooning Collecting Artwork Coloring Comic book collecting Creative writing Dance Digital arts Eating out Embroidery Games Gaming Going to movies Guitar Ice skating Keep A Journal Learning An Instrument Listening to music Crystals

Born in: Sri Lanka

Lives in: Bangladesh

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Israel Ukraine Germany South Korea United States
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2 years ago

recent spread i did of asami sato from Avatar: The legend of Korra:)


2 years ago

to my penpal vivi!! (she already got it and she said she liked it😌👌)


2 years ago

i was an interesting child...



2 years ago

looking for a 13-15 penpal who likes kpop, anime, marvel, books, and art. i would prefer a female penpal as it would be easier to explain to my parents lmao(i mean this in the nicest way possible) looking for new friends so please message me if ur interested!!