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Hello, my name's Luna! I've always wanted a pen-pal, as I've loved the idea of it since I was younger. I have never seemed to be able to find one though, so hopefully I can click with someone here. :) Here are some things about me: I am an introverted (but talkative) and very creative person! I love to paint, do photography, read, learn new things, watch films, listen to music, have deep conversations and etc! I'm also labelled a lot as the 'unofficial therapist' and 'mom-friend' of groups haha, and I tend to be a listener despite being quite talkative at times! I don't want to go too in-depth about anything because I like keeping it up to conversation, but that's a little run-down. I reckon I should talk about what I'm looking for now? I guess I just really want to create a meaningful, unique and lasting connection with someone - someone who I can discuss anything with, whether light and casual or more serious and deep and who doesn't mind talking at least semi-frequently. I really hope to find someone who I can maybe build a special bond with as we get to know/learn from/support each other. :) Please feel free to reach out if interested, I'm looking forward to it! More/Less

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3 years ago

Hey everyone, I'm very new here, I just found out this site from r/penpals! I hope I can meet someone nice, if my obnoxiously long bio doesn't scare people away that is haha. Enjoy a picture of my silly cat!