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Hello world!


I am here to find longterm penpal friendship. I love stationary and epistolary art. I love all these vintage things and hope to find new penpals here. I love many things so I am sure we will things in common but our differences is more important because we can learn new things through it. I love decorated letter and calligraphy but I am here to find true penpals first, not only sharing beautiful things but mainly sharing a true friendship.

I love many things like books, movies, video games, music (I like very different styles of musics). As a dreamer, my favourite stories are fantasy, science-fiction, horror/fantastics tales of mystery or short novel like E.Poe. I like photography, playing chess and walking inside nature treasures.

I am a scientist but I would like to write with someone who studies literature or really into it. I wish to improve my global knowledge and I won’t mind to share philosophical reflection.

I think it’s important to keep epistolary art alive like back in the XIX or early XX centuries. I do believe letters can be the way to build the deepest friendships.

Feel free to send a message and ask questions !

I am looking for someone who can really get into epistolary art with me at the highest level possible in all way it means:

Writing style, epistolary etiquette, level of languages, the quality of the content….

I want to find a long-term penpal with wo I can share anything. I love writing poetry times to times and I wish I can send it to my penpal and it will be really awesome to receive poems written by my penpal.

Je recherche désespérément ce genre de correspondance en français également si possible.

I know it’s a lot but I am looking for interesting exhange worth any seconds of our time and worth every penny

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Lives in: France

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