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Hi! I'm Na-bi I'm 23, I'm from South Korea. My major is bachelor's in computer science and Digital Photography, I would like to make friends here as well. I also play the electric guitar and the drums.
I'm kinda the shy type of girl so I don't say much haha!My favorite things are plushies and banana milk! I consider myself as i very talented person too ^^ I'm also half Chinese and Japanese :)
I love adventures and Traveling~
My hobbies include Hiking, Cooking, Traveling, Nature, Choreography, Jewelry, Trying different foods and learning new languages, One of my odd interests are Roleplaying^^ And yes I do speak 19 languages hehe^^
"Dead people receive more flowers than living ones because, regret is stronger than gratitude" <33 "born too late 4 u to notice me" ╯︿╰

Arabic German English
French Hindi Haitian; Haitian Creole Indonesian Japanese Korean Malay Norwegian Portuguese Somali Thai Tagalog Turkish Vietnamese Chinese
Acting Action Figures Animal
Art/antique collecting Arts/cultural Astrology Baking Ballet Shoes Singing Skateboarding Traveling Beach Volleyball Butterfly Watching Cake Decorating Candle making Collecting Coloring Comic book collecting Computer activities Computer programming Cooking Curling Dancing Debate Digital Photography Foreign language learning Painting Photography Piano Roleplaying Roller skating Running Taekwondo Crystals

Born in: South Korea

Lives in: South Korea

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France Sri Lanka United Kingdom South Africa Algeria
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2 years ago

hi everyone this is my kitty boba^^ hope everyone is having a great day or night! what's your favorite dish? mine is tteokbokki :)


2 years ago

hi! i'm na-bi from korea and i'm looking for international friends :3