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I come from the far away exotic land known as America. We are a small and unassuming country that deeply cares for peace and the environment. We are well known for our highly educated populace and well informed politicians. Perhaps you've heard of it? I have a dry sense of humor.

I teach at what we call a Community College. These are paid for mostly by taxes. Students pay a tuition that is much lower than public university and much, much lower than any private colleges. One of the main ideas behind a community college is to train people to enter the workforce. Most of our classes are centered around this goal. We have classes in history and philosophy too but we mostly teach people a trade. We have students of all ages and backgrounds. Some are right out of high school and others in their 50's who have lost a job and need to learn new skills. We even get the occasional old person who takes a class or two just to get out of the house. It can be fun to watch a teenager become friends with someone old enough to be their grandparent — life lessons get passed from one generation to the next.

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10 months ago

I see "Alternate reality games" in a lot of profiles. Can someone give me some examples of games that fall into that category?


10 months ago

Hi everyone!